SL Casino in Riga Announced the Party In the Middle of the Week: Come and Take 1000 EUR + Jackpot

The Party in the Middle of the Week started at SL Casino in Riga on February 15,2019. You can participate in the play-off every spring week on Wednesdays. This is a great opportunity to have a good time and enjoy the weekdays.

• The FINAL play-off starts at 21:00.

• The total prize is 1000 EUR +Jackpot.

The main prize consists of two parts. The first part is 1000 euro. Every sum is played out on the Wheel of Fortune. You can take 3 prizes by 100 EUR; 2 prizes by 200 EUR; 1 prize by 300 EUR and a Jackpot draw.

The second part is 200 EUR. This part of the jackpot can accumulate and reach 1000 EUR. If the winner is not in SL, the prize added to next week draw. JP maximum is 1000 EUR. If the prize’s owner is not in the hall, the drawing is held until someone from the audience wins.

Why it is worth visiting SL Casino

SL is a cozy and elegant VIP class casino owned by the famous network of Michael Boettcher, Shangri La. SL, as well as all the establishments of this network, are made in the same style, guests are surrounded by discreet luxury and comfort.

You will easily find the casino in the very center of Riga. A unique Grand Hotel Kempinski has been selected for accommodation. SL has its own bright signboard and a separate entrance. The premises are located on two floors and occupy more than 600 square meters. Guests are served by more than a hundred employees. The staff speaks several languages: Latvian, English and Russian.

The ground floor was created specifically for fans of slot machines. Spacious rooms filled 50+ slots from the best manufacturers. Employees will help you easily get comfortable and understand the rules of the machines you like. Nearby is a small sports bar. Great place to enjoy drinks during the game break.

The first floor is reserved for game tables, there are more than 10 of them in here. Friendly dealers will easily explain you the rules of the game and make your time in the casino really enjoyable. Next to the gaming tables there is a lounge area with a cozy sofas.

SL Casino, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, is focused on VIPs, as well as on high-stakes fans. There are VIP room which works specially for them. This is a private territory where only VIP club members get access. There are games with high stakes. And the players have a number of privileges, such as personal transportation, accommodation in hotel rooms, participation in private tournaments and much more.

Parties and Lotteries

SL Casino operates in accordance with the principles of operation of the best American and European casinos, so guests can get not only popular games, but also great shows here. Every week, there are original draws for visitors. On holidays, the organizers arrange cool parties with a bright show and cash prizes.

In the Middle of the Week – a new original series of draws, in which anyone can get lucky. The more bets will be made, the higher chances that your lucky ticket will fall out of the drum.

Casino vacations

A modern casino can give a lot more than one pleasant evening. So, SL Casino offers guests a real all-inclusive vacation. This means that visitors get royal rest, beautiful accommodation and a game without limits.

To get it all, just book a junket tour. Planning will be handled by a personal manager who will do everything in accordance with the guest’s interests. Visitors will be accommodated in The Kempinski Hotel. The cost of the tour includes transfer to the casino and from the casino, as well as plane tickets.

And if junket tour coincided with the time of draws and promo in the casino, the guest gets a chance to get an additional jackpot!