The roar of thoroughbred engines returns to Shangri La casino! 250,000 km of drive are waiting for you this spring with Harley Davidson! Let’s open a new motorcycle season in a friend’s company on March 23, 2019. Only in Shangri La Casino Minsk!

Holiday nights with Harley Davidson’s participation have already become a good tradition of Shangri La Minsk. For several years in a row, brand’s premium models have become the main prize for the luckiest guests. In 2019, the casino will also have its favorite show. And you can get a chance to leave Shangri La casimo on a cool bike.

To become a member of the Harley Davidson show you just have to play Shangri La and visit one of the three parties on March, April or May.

The main events of this spring will take place on:

  • March 23rd
  • April 20th
  • May 25th

The moto jackpot is played in the elegant Shangri La. Among the participants of the event there are several surprises and one luxury motorcycle from the official Harley Davidson Motorcycle dealer in Belarus. Everyone who takes part in the game has a good chance of winning.

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What else is interesting in Shangri La Minsk?

Luxury casinos are one of the jewels of Belarus, which are already famous throughout Europe. And Shangri La is the best casino in Minsk, awarded with The Choice of the Year for six years in a row. Luxury and elegance are synonymous with the name Shangri La. The unit, which is a part of the famous Michael Boettcher’s Storm International network, impresses with its luxurious design and impeccable service.

Shangri La has everything that discerning guests might like. Luxury interiors, exclusive furniture, attractive and helpful staff, all popular casino games. Add to this a convenient location and around the clock operation to get the perfect place to relax in Minsk. Here you can not only play and win, here you will feel a real festive atmosphere with show elements.

Want a jackpot on weekdays? Easy peasy! Want to have a bright weekend? In Shangri La, there are always weekend lotteries. A desire to compete for a really big prize? Then take part in Harley Davidson show.

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Original Events

Shangri La Minsk creative feature – gastronomic events with dishes of different national cuisines. This was made possible by the restaurant chef Mark Ulrich, a recognized master of European cuisine. He likes to experiment with products and delicacies, so Shangri La guests always have the opportunity to taste rare dishes.

Gastronomic evenings are always accompanied by entertainment. So, during spring 2019 all visitors are waiting for 15,000 surprises.

Also, all of Shangri La, Darren Keane, the managing director noted, once a season organizes a lottery with a really large prizes. Once a month, Minsk establishment guests win motorcycles, cars, snowmobiles and other luxury prizes.

At major events you can enjoy famous singers and music bands performances.

To plunge into the atmosphere of ultimate comfort and true chic, it is enough to become a member of the Shangri La VIP club. It will give you a high-class service, unforgettable moments that you will definitely want to repeat, and possibly triumphant winnings.

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Junket at Shangri La Minsk

Shangri La Minsk invites you to spend an unforgettable holiday with gambling elements. Like all network units, this casino organizes top-level vacations. You can play your favorite games, live in the best hotels of Minsk, enjoy excursions, delicious food and drinks just for the cost of gaming chips.

All issues related to visa processing, tour organization, vacation planning are handled by a personal manager. Shangri La offers the best conditions, support, transfer, participation in private parties and special events. To book a junket tour during the time of the Harley Davidson Show is a great idea, as you can take part in the fight for the main prize.